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    Mike is a sought-after speaker, appearing before audiences at conferences, universities, and business groups. He tailors for each audience and makes his presentation fit each group, where attendees often find themselves both crying and laughing during his presentations. Mike's topics include "RECIPE FOR RECOVERY," "RECIPE FOR SUCCESS" (perfect for business talks), and "IN THE BLINK OF AN EYE" (perfect for students). View Mike's Speaking One Page.

What People Are Saying


"... Michael's story is a fascinating, intense and incredibly inspiring one, a story that had the audience riveted in their seats, hanging on every word. He tells that story in the most disarming and involving way, and his passion for making a difference is evident at every moment. He takes the details of his own story and weaves it into a clearly uplifting and totally inspiring message that reaches into the hearts of everyone in his audiences.

I cannot recommend him any higher: he simply must be seen and heard in order to comprehend the power of his message and how he can help you take your group, your conference, your meeting to a much higher level."

Hanoch McCarty, Ed.D
Contributing Author & Editor: Chicken Soup for the Soul

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"...In these confusing times, it is important for all of us not to give up on ourselves or on the human spirit. Your message is an important one and should be shared. 

It is amazing how well you communicated the reasons for your successful recovery, and how well you translated it into terms we can apply here at WRI, at your successful recovery, and how well you translated it into terms we can apply here at WRI, at work and in our personal lives. You presentation provides a "can do" spirit that everyone can utilize and benefit from."

Stanford J. Alexander
Chairman, Weingarten Realty Investors

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"My wife, Trisha, and I, were part of a religious congregation at which he spoke and we were utterly mesmerized by his extraordinary personal experience that Mr. Segal has translated into a universal, inspiring message of hope, determination, and personal empowerment."

"...[Mike] is someone who has, through his lectures and appearances, motivated thousands of people to tackle their own seemingly overwhelming problems in life with a renewed sense of vigor and determination."

                    Gerald Posner, Best Selling Author and Pulitzer Prize finalist.

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"...I was particularly impressed how you related how the same procedure you followed to overcome tragedy and turn it into a success are the same steps necessary to succeed in businesses and in life in general...it is not often that the group interacts so much with the speaker after the speech and a very rare that a speaker receives a standing ovation. You were a hit!"

      Nadia Troutenko, NEXT Financial Group

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"As Community Relations Director at Hearthstone Assisted Living, it has been my good fortune to happen across a gifted motivational speaker; let me highly recommend Michael Segal to touch the heart of any group you host..."

"Do not delay. Contact Michael Segal for a standing ovation from your audience who will leave knowing they will never be the same."

Pat Jackson, Community Relations Director, Hearthstone Assisted Living

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"What a phenomenal experience! Our scholar in residence moment with Michael Segal was breathtaking. Our entire congregation was captivated as he told his personal story and his journey back to hope. Though humor and story telling, Mike relayed his message with grace. The congregation sat on the edge of their seats as he told his personal struggle and his prescription for hope."

Rabbi David A. Lipper, Temple Israel

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